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Friday, October 18, 2013

Thanks Judy Blume.......

Grandson AJ and granddaughter Jamie spent the day with us. After AJ prepared and served us brunch, cooking is his hobby and he makes great pancakes, we had 'reading' hour. AJ is 8 and Jamie 10 both are involved in a reading contest at school. Luckily, both read a lot and have always been read to by the adults in the family....a real must for creating lifelong readers among our young! These two, and our other grandchildren are all on their way to being lifelong readers. When today's reading hour was over, they both kept on reading. Yea!

Jamie stretched out on the sofa with President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sherri Winston, was  no doubt reading. AJ first sat in a chair with legs thrown over one arm. Then he was on the floor upside down with feet and legs supported by an upholstered coffee table. Finally, as I was beginning to wonder if he was really reading, he was on his knees leaning over that upholstered coffee table when he started snickering then laughing out loud. His laughing went on for a while. I asked what was so funny, and he said 'just this book.'

Judy Blume, who had first worked her magic on their mother 38 years ago, was again working her magic. Thanks Judy Blume.


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    1. I had a lovely response from Judy Blume. In it she said: " It means a lot to know how well you remember my books and that you're sharing them with your grandkids! I'm trying to write a new book now, but it will probably take me two years to finish it. (Ugh - writing is hard work!) It's my readers who keep me writing. Where would I be without you?" Now isn't that nice?

  2. I love this and how awesome Judy Blume responded to you!! She was my fave growing up and Anna loved Sheila the Great.