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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wouldn't we all love to inherit a Parisian apartment left untouched since before WWII? I know I would.

The Paris Time Capsule is inspired by a true story. A story of an actress and demimondaine in Paris before WWII. She was beautiful and well-known. A portrait of her was pained by Giovanni Boldini. From these bare essentials, Ella Carey has written an engaging tale.

Unexpectedly inheriting from an unknown benefactor a Parisian salon filled with antique Parisian furniture and artwork which is worth a fortune, our main character is thrown into a setting of former splendor and mystery. Why did Cat Jordan inherit? Who was this woman? Where are the 'real' descendants of the deceased?

Soon we meet one of those real descendants, Loic Archer, from the south of France. His mother is the daughter of the deceased woman. No, they are not fighting to get the inheritance. Rather, Cat is fighting to make them take it. At the same time, of course, Cat and Loic are fighting an attraction for each other. Rather, she is fighting it. He seems perfectly fine to give in to the attraction from the first day. Cat can't give in. She is engaged to marry a millionnair in New York City.

This is a small, easy to read, delightful summer day or rainy afternoon read.  It is the first in a proposed series.

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  1. This story sounds fascinating. Definitely adding to my tbr list!