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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Sea Witch has bewitched me. I'm in love with a Pirate!. Thanks for introducing us Helen Hollick.

Real men laugh, cry, swear, love unconditionally and sometimes behave badly. I know because that's how Jesamiah Acorne behaves and he is a real man. It is truly refreshing to read the story of such a strong yet tender character. Yes, he is a pirate. Yes, he loots and shoots. And yes, he hurts and bleeds like everyone else. Hollick has written a complete character, with all his likes, dislikes, failures and accomplishments rounding him out so that he is believable and even lovable.

Sea Witch by Helen Hollick is not your typical bodice ripper of old. This is a complete, beautifully written tale of life upon the sea for a singular group of men during a particularly rugged time in our history. As such, the sea is as much a character as is Jesamiah and Tiola, the lady who becomes his love. The ships, both pirate and merchant, are characters in themselves. Seas and ships are artfully described so that even land lovers can picture the action.

The setting is during the golden age of piracy, 1716, upon sea and land in the pirate grounds from Africa to the Caribbean.  Jesamiah Acorne has escaped the bullying of his elder half brother by becoming a pirate. At the beginning of the story he has only two loves---the sea and his freedom. Ah, but the Sea Witch changes that.

The Sea Witch. A beautiful ship? Or the beautiful woman with supernatural powers who steals Jesamiah's heart?

The author sent me a copy of this book when I agreed to 'try' it. I will admit that I was not sure I would like this book. Pirates and their environment do not usually attract my attention. Nevertheless, recently on a sunny winter's day sitting by one Gulf, I opened the book and began reading. Soon I was transported to another time and another Gulf. And I was lost in a wonderful historical action, love story. Thank you Helen Hollick for Jesamiah, Tolia, and the other characters. I will read the second book on my next trip to the Gulf. Hope it's soon!

Sea Witch is available from Amazon as a Kindle or paperback book. The author lives in the UK, so it is surely available on UK and US Amazon as well others.


  1. Goodness thank you! (*blush*) when I wrote Sea Witch, my (ex) agent turned it down (and dumped me) saying no one would be interested in such a silly book. I am so pleased I listened to my heart - and my pirate - and not to her!
    You've quite made my day - Thank you!

    1. PS - yes available UK in paperback and Kindle

  2. I just read Julia Smith's review and find that it reflects my sentiments too. Using the ocean as a character is unique and adds to the intrigue. I agree with another posting. This is not a book to be read and easily put down. Rather the house could burn down and you would still be reading and itching to turn the next page.

  3. Your review makes me want to move The Sea Witch up on my highly-stacked, leaning TBR pile! I've had it for quite a while but life, research, editing, and other reading obligations have delayed my reading of it. Looking forward to this one, it sounds quite unique. Thank you.