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Thursday, March 12, 2015

DEAD WAKE: Is anything but dead. What an engaging presentation of this historical event.

Erik Larson's DEAD WAKE is the talk of the literary world at the moment. As it should be. Because of that, I will not write a long review. To do so would be a repetition of the coverage of the release this week of this work. The scope of the book, the thoroughness of the research, and the advance praise are now known by all.

For my friends, I would just add that I have never given a numbered star rating. I find that so hard to do. I will do so now, for there is no doubt it is a first class 5 Star book. The scenes were so well written that when, as I know it will be, the rights to a movie are sold, the scriptwriters will have an easy time of it.

I should note that I have tried to read some of Larson's other works, but never finished one. I completed this book in a day and a half. (353 pages, 6/9 format).

Enough said: READ THIS BOOK, for history, for great writing, and for a good story filled with improbable events. (Some of those people didn't seem to be thinking too far ahead!)
Available at all brick and mortar book stores and at online bookstores. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy, but I don't remember through what avenue.

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