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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fall through time with Anna Belfrage's A Rip in the Veil. A delightful beginning to a series.

A Rip in the Veil is Anna Belfrage's introductory novel for her series of eight novels of the Graham Saga. This first book introduces us to Alex and Matthew. Matthew is three hundred years older than Alex, but in time travel or time slips, this does not matter, nor should it.

Alex leaves the present century through a thunderstorm and awakens in Matthew's century three hundred years previously. She leaves left behind some very real, very loving people, including her father and her young son. Confusion and dismay grip her. At first she fights, but as she gets to know the Scottish Matthew, and as she accepts that she may not return to life as she knew it, she comes to accept what has happened to her. She also learns to love Matthew as the strong, loving, albeit stubborn, man that he is.

This plotline seems simple and possibly short lived. There is a major complication, however. Alex learns that her mother has traveled through time, and when Alex was born, her mom  was indeed a time traveler to a future century, Alex's century. Just where did her mother belong?  Learning her mother's history and a mystery that it brings, Alex comes face to face with witch hunts, accusations of heresy, and burnings at the stake. And her mother's mysterious, malevolent  art.  All of that is Alex's past.

What is her future? Luckily for us, Anna has given us seven more novels to travel through time with Alex. Thus, there are many questions: will she have another time slip? If so, where and to what time will she go? Will her son, who possibly has some time travel genes, ever experience a time slip, and could he and Alex find each other? Will she again see her mother? And what about poor earth and time bound Matthew? Will he be around for long?

I don't know the answer to any of these questions for I have only read the first book, but you can rest assured I will read others. I have to learn the answers to my own questions.

If you like time travel or time slip novels, I highly recommend Anna's series.

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  1. This book sounds intriguing, and the title is just wonderful.