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Thursday, August 6, 2015

PRISONER OF THE QUEEN: Tales from the Tudor Court, Book 2 didn't disappoint.

I must admit that I read almost anything that comes across my desk that is Tudor. Yes, I'm one of those Tudor freaks. I especially love the Grey sisters, Jane, Katherine, and Mary. It is fascinating how many different interpretations our present day historical novelists can weave among these three women. I relish them all, and usually agree with each one, no matter how contradictory it is to other views I have read and with which I have agreed. As I said, a Tudor freak!

In PRISONER OF THE QUEEN, Eliza Knight paints a captivating picture of the middle Grey sister, Katherine. Younger that Jane, the 9 Days Queen, and older than Mary, the most elusive of the three, she is bright, usually cheery, and knowledgeable. That's why I like her story. Was she really devious as many suggest? Was she a pawn, as others, including Ms. Knight suggest? I don't know, but I love learning more and more about her.

Lady Katherine Grey states, "I have served three queens in my life. One was my sister. One was my savior. And one my bitterest enemy." In this new release we see Katherine in each of these relationships.

We see her, also, in another relation, a most disastrous Her love for and marriage to the only man she claimed to have ever loved led to a predictable but unwanted outcome. While her life was always precarious due to her Royal Blood and direct line to the throne, it was the secret marriage and the children of that marriage, that was her final undoing at the hands of her cousin Queen Elizabeth I.

This is an emotional story. All the major female characters are blood relatives of King Henry VIII. We should not expect any less of these characters with that bloodline in their recent heritage. This book fulfills that expectation.

The book was well researched, well-written, and easy to read. So often, the story of these three sisters, nieces to King Henry, is not clearly presented. I'm happy to say Ms. Knight kept the genealogical bumps to a minimum and gave us a main character easy to know and understand.

I highly recommend this book.
Published by Lake Union Publishing, the release date is August 11, 2015. It can be preordered at Amazon. Kindle price is $3.99.


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