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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WOW! At God's Mercy captured me within three pages...

                                             At God's Mercy by L.L. Fine. 

I had never heard of this author before ordering a sample for my Kindle. The moment I finished reading the sample, I ordered the book and continued my impassioned reading. I love it when I am drawn in immediately and that does not happen often. At God's Mercy had me immediately.

The author is a man. I mention this because I believe a female author would have embellished actions and feeling while Mr. Fine cuts to the core of the matter. He presents events, feelings, and actions with a rapid fire simplicity. It moves the story along quickly and efficiently. I didn't miss the flowery embellishments.

The book's editor, Julie Phelps, put it like this.  "This exceptionally well-devised book is immediately engaging and absorbing, introducing a heart-breaking mystery within the first few sentences. The story of At God's Mercy is all the more disturbing because there is a certain plausibility about it - who's to say such things didn't happen in war-torn Europe? Some of the events in this novel - Helena's story, as well as that of Kristzha - moved me to tears, something even real life can't usually achieve..."

The first mystery: twin boys are abandoned by their mother in Poland at the end of WWII. The twins are rescued and end up in the United States where they are adopted by different families. They grow up geographically close to each other, but with no knowledge that they have a twin just across town.

Within the first few pages they learn of this and immediate meet. It was a startling meeting...for both brothers. The are 52 years old and one is a Jewish Rabbi and the other a Catholic Priest.  Oh, my. So many ways this story could proceed. I love the avenue the author chose, and it was that choice that led to the meat of the story, the adventure, the conflicts and the answers to questions.

Again from the editor..."Many sharp contrasts are drawn between characters, events and behaviours. Strong emotions govern the events and deeds while prejudice presents itself in many forms, all the while tempered with kindness and love.  The amazingly strong and well-drawn characters are human and have very human flaws, making them both credible and vulnerable."

Even though there are construction flaws, transitions are sometimes missing and as are words to help clarify events for the reader, there are still many beautifully constructed thoughts and ideas. I highly recommend this book. It was a rare find for me. Thank you Mr. Fine.

I purchased my ebook online and have been recommending it since the moment I closed the back cover.

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  1. I'm enjoying your posts. You seem to find some interesting books. Thank you. This sounds unusual.