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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last Sunday was International Literacy Day....did you read?

I read. I wrote. I reviewed. You know the old saying, "some many books, so little time." So Right.
If you haven't checked mine out, you can find them easily. In honor of International Literacy Day and our blog hop, check out all of your favorite authors. Let them know you appreciate them.

A sweetheart of a flamingo, a mysterious woman talking about a Snow Angel, watermelons hidden under the bed, strange animals in the backyard, a little boy growing up to be president....all subject matter for some of my books. Owls fleeing disaster to join this group very soon.  Check them out at
Also, would love some followers as we discuss literature, reading, writing, reviewing at ,,,right here.  I'll reciprocate any following. Let's unite and entertain and educate the world!

Just finished Gracianna...reviewing soon.

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  1. Got you followed. Sorry I was traveling over your Literacy Day post. I hope to catch the next one.
    Thanks for joining the hop!