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Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Shipwrecked" for oral discussion for reluctant readers

Shipwrecked by Alexandra Pratt:

This is an excellent book for oral reading by a teacher to a group of reluctant readers. It is a quick and easy read with a story that is easy to follow. Some of the reluctant readers could read it alone, but many would not. Used orally there could be great discussion for those readers would have many thoughts and opinions about the actions, and the non-actions, of these characters. I have found that reluctant readers like to impose themselves into the story and react with "I would have...." and then proceed to tell how they would have solved the problem or gotten out of the situation. This book gives them many opportunities to do that.

It's 1740, and a British warship is wrecked on a remote island in Patagonia. But that is only the first of Midshipman Isaac Morris's problems. When mutiny among the crew leads to murder, Isaac must survive starvation, slavery and imprisonment if he wants to see his home again.... Reading age: 8. Interest level: up to age 14. Written and edited for reluctant or struggling readers.

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