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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fairy Tales meet today's youth....Meet Ann T. Bugg and see how she does it.

Ann T. Bugg loves Disney, collectibles and fairy tales, not necessarily in that order. Prompted by these loves, she has written a series of fairy tales-meet-today books. The umbrella name for this series is "Before Happily Ever After Series," and each book has its own title. The series does what many imaginative readers do in their own minds, they add to the story, blend the story with others, rewrite the endings, or ask 'what if?'.  I recently read Soaring Up To The Clouds, Not Knowing Jack, Before Happily Ever After Series Book 5. The book is, of course, about Jack and his beanstalk...and our two 21st century girls, and Snow White and the wicked queen. Oh, my how they meet, blend and help each other is straight from a fertile imagination.
Our two 'today' main characters are Valerie and Samantha. Their journey, this time, begins at a county festival as they journey to Val's family farm for they summer. The girls are nosy, and being so end up stranded in a hot air balloon as it rises up, up, up. As they arrive at their unknown destination, they must determine where they are and how to get home. We learn that this is NOT their first mysterious trip, so they are not frightened or bewildered. They are, however, very inquisitive. And so, their journey begins. We meed Jack and his mother first. We find Jack stealing gold coins from the GIANT...Oh, dear. We learn that Snow White is again in DANGER...Oh, dear. Can they help Jack? Will they save Snow again? Read  Book 5, Soaring up to the Clouds: Not Knowing Jack to find out and perhaps set your imagination to work. Try rewriting your favorite fairy tale, or combine several. It isn't always easy, but Ann T. Bugg does it effortlessly.

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