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Sunday, November 30, 2014

As Close as Sisters by Colleen Faulkner should be shared with your good friends. A true book about friendship.

From the book blurb: Since the age of twelve, McKenzie Arnold has spent every summer at Albany Beach, Delaware, with her best friends Aurora, Janine, and Lilly. The seaside house teems with thirty years of memories--some wonderful, others painful--and secrets never divulged beyond its walls. 

My reaction: Good friends, seaside memories, death, and dying. This is a wonderful book. Be prepared to laugh and cry as you read the stories of these four young ladies and their many years of friendship. 

On this, the summer they are all in their early forties, the ugly head of cancer seems to threaten their idyllic summers together. Will this all too familiar monster be the catalyst that ends life as they have known and loved it? 

As we get to know the four main characters we learn about their loves, heartbreaks, secrets, and hopes, and we learn of that one defining event of long ago. The women are all likable, believable characters. They not only have formed a true bond of friendship but they do the almost impossible of keeping it together through the years and from around the world.

Get ready to laugh and cry, to be thoroughly entertained by these four good friends in this well written, easy and engaging read. I know several young women the age of the characters and think they and their generation will relate easily to this story and its characters.

I won the book on goodreads and am happy to recommend it. It is available in online and in books stores in paperback, large print, and ebooks. 

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