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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time for a Elementary/MG Review: KIBBLE TALK: You might want to read this before daring your best friend to eat dog food!

"I dare you to eat some dog food." How many times has a good friend or a cheeky little brother issued this dare. Too many to count, I'm sure. In Kibble Talk by Cynthia Port, the dare is issued to Tawny by her best friend Jenny who knows that Tawny will accept the challenge. Yes, she does, and things change fast and furiously. Immediately Jenny's dog begins talking to Tawny. Frightened, but keeping this horrible transformation to herself, Tawny runs home.

It is at home that the fun really begins for Tawny has a huge dog, a Great Dane with the improbable name of Dinky. Dinky becomes a major character in this story and a very colorful one. I think all kids would love a Dinky type dog in their lives. 

It is through Dinky that we learn that Tawny can really talk, or read the thoughts of dogs. Their 'conversations' lead to many adventures. In a short time Tawny learns that Dinky, large as he is, really wants to be a small, cuddly lap dog. (Is this a comment on people in general, for so many of us want to be tall if we are short, short if we are tall, etc.?)Tawny tries to help Dinky achieve his dream and along the way they win a Dog Beauty Contest but almost lose a best friend. Jenny, still in the dark about the results of her dare, now feels displaced by a DOG!  How humiliating. 

In the end, everything works out, for Tawny, Jenny, and Dinky, but not before some hilarious episodes. A lot of the fun comes from the interaction of girl and dog. I think most children would love to be in Tawny's place, at least for a little while. I know most children would love the silliness of this book. It had me laughing out loud many times.

The book is well written and easy to read. It is the first in a series. I think teachers might use this book with reluctant readers. It's funny; they like funny.The first chapter of the next book is included at the end of the book. Kibble Talk is available as paperback or Kindle book.

I received a paperback, signed copy from the author in order to review if I felt like it. I am happy to review and give it 4 1/2  stars as a delightful upper elementary /and early middle school book.  

My signed copy will soon be wrapped and given to my grandson as he turns 9 later this month. He will also laugh out loud and read aloud many passages to his parents. I think all my grandchildren, ages 5 to 11 would love this book.

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