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Saturday, May 16, 2015

STYLE ME VINTAGE leaves me shouting "Style Me Impressed!"

Style Me Vintage by Liz Tregenza...Oh my, what a wonderful book. A fun read, a great research resource for those studying fashion, the 1940's, culture, etc. I am so glad I requested this book from Net Galley and so pleased that they fulfilled my request.

It is hard to describe, but the blurb on the front of the book describes it as "A practical and inspirational guide to the hair, make-up and fashions of the 40's." It is all that and so entertaining. As an added bonus, there are practical tips for today's women who want to borrow any of the styles discussed. Step-by-step instructions and great 'how to's" complete with photos.

The book covers everything from the utility dresses of WWII to high fashion,  swimwear, lingerie, wedding fashions and makeup. Hair styles, shoulder pads, and ration coupons for clothing are all there. Where to find  vintage clothing and how to care for it can be found.

This book is indeed a treasure. While it is not an in-depth study,  I can see colleges using this book in their fashion/textiles programs, make-up artists for small theaters, and authors researching this era, all using this book. And having fun while doing it.

The author is a vintage fashion specialist and historian. She has worked for a number of museums including the V&A and Hampshire museums service. She co-curated her first museum show at the age of 20 and has since contributed to numerous books and research papers. She is an avid collector of all things novelty and blogs about vintage clothing as Advantage in Vintage.

Thanks Liz Tregenza for a wonderful addition to many libraries. If you are looking for the book, be sure you get the one by Liz. The title is used on many others also.

The book is not yet available, but publication is set for early November 2015. It should be available at all major outlets. It can be pre-ordered at

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