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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Life Intended by Kristin Harmel is an easy read for early Summer.

THE LIFE INTENDED by Kristin Harmel is a book of intense love, loss, grief, and letting go. There are so many books that carry these themes, but luckily this book has a few twists and turns that make it out of the ordinary.

The main character, Kate, loses her husband in the first chapter. We don't really know him enough to grieve as we often do for well-established characters, but Ms. Harmel seems to know that and she wants us to feel the pain of his loose as deeply as Kate does. Thus, through Kate's memories and  a series of dreams, many years later as Kate is trying to move on with her life, we get to know Patrick and their never-born daughter. These dreams guide Kate and give us great insight into Patrick, the daughter, and Kate.

The dreams save Kate from making a mistake and settling for a so-so life. They guide Kate to letting go and accepting a fulfilling life that was intended for her.

All the characters are very real, easy to relate to, and important to Kate and the reader. The book is an easy read, takes a few predictable roads, but then throws in a great least it was for me. I think young women, mothers, and those who like easy reading books will enjoy this book.

Available at major markets and online.

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