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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A mysterious woman, an ancient Native American Legend, and a modern girl...

For a young girl from Florida, a trip to snowy Colorado for a winter vacation promises to be full of wonder, and excitement. The adventure begins shortly before our Florida girl's plane reaches Colorado when a mysterious woman appears and recounts a tale of ice, snow, punishment and caring.  Set among the Fourteeners, the 14,000 ft. mountains of Colorado, the story spans mythological times, through early Colorado history, and into day's world.

Captivated by the ancient story and the mysterious woman who disappears as suddenly as she appears, Emily and her Dad soon begin their wondrous trek through the mountains.

The story is illustrated with beautiful winter scenes accompanied by historical photographs used to bring the story to life and deepen the reader’s imagination. One is left wondering, is the story of the Snow Angel really true? This is a classic tale of modern meets legend.

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