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Friday, August 23, 2013

Book of Lost Things (Mister Max Book 1)

Early in the 20th century, a twelve year old boy, his theatrical parents, a loving but bossy grandmother...this is the family we first meet. Then, mysteriously the parents disappear and Max, a name he gives himself, and Gram search for clues. Meanwhile, it is time for him to get a job and start supporting himself. Jobs are scarce, and he finally invents a career for himself as the "solutioneer." He will solve peoples problems, mainly by finding lost things for them. Surprisingly, the problem he has yet to solve is the mystery of what happened to his parents. Since this book is part of a three book series, I'm sure we will someday learn the answer.
I am a big fan of Cynthia Voigt, but this is not one of my favorite books by her. While the writing is good, and descriptive phrases abound, the story was very slow to take off, and by then I really was not interested in Max or his solutions. Boys of MG age might
For better and lovely Voigh books try some of her early ones: Dicey's Song, Running, any of the Homecoming series and so many more. Sorry, Mister Max, you just didn't hold my interest.
enjoy this once they get past the initial, but I suppose, essential background. The unnecessary 'theatrical' mannerism of his parents were overdone for the point they made.

Available Sept. 10, 2013. Pre-order now.

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