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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feathers in A Flap worth flapping about...

New children's author, Phillip Pollock, scored a hit with his recently released Feathers in a Flap. This engaging book is just right for snuggling up with a youngster and exclaiming over the events in the story and the illustrations. "Ohhh, why would that old  Mocking Bird do that?"  Oh, no, poor worm." or "Boy, he sure seems happy now, doesn't he."

Feathers in a Flap tells the story of a man and the colorful birds in his backyard. One mean-spirited Mocking Bird, with his 'feathers in a flap' turns the birds against the old man who means them no harm. In a Lion's Paw turn of events, the backyard birds come to know the true nature of their human neighbor and all ends happily for everyone.

This is first and foremost a lovely story for children. Secondly, it is a bird book, and most of us, while not 'birders' are bird watchers. Thirdly it is a book with a softly given lesson for all. Fourthly it is a book with many well written descriptions and much figurative language so it is a pleasure to read.

Finally it is a beautifully illustrated book. Over twenty soft pastel watercolor illustrations, all painted by the author himself,  grace the pages of this book. Through these illustrations one gets the fear, sorrow, and joy of the characters, both man and bird alike.


After earning his Master of Science degree from the University of Iowa in 1972, the author was a graduate teaching assistant in the university's Museum of Natural History where he began studying birds. He served as director of two history and science museums soon after graduating.

Presently, he is the Web Administrator for the Office of the State Courts Administrator in the Florida Supreme Court. He is an avid writer, bird-watcher and watercolorist. Mr. Pollock has had several one-person shows in his community. He is also the author of an adult, non-fiction book titled: 300' x 35 Miles: Corridor to the Past.

*** Watch this blog for an interview with our new children's author within the next two weeks. For some of us it has been some time since the special intensity of 'my first book' was fresh. Share the fever once again with Phil.

Feathers in a Flap by Phillip M. Pollock

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